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Sophie LEBLOIS Lastminute.com France
 We decided to outsource our trafficking due to economical reasons and due to Trafficking Solutions experience. Trafficking Solutions team contributes to optimize our trafficking in a daily basis. The proactivity, availability, reliability and professionalism of Trafficking Solutions team represents an added value to our activity. 
Stephen BRAND - Mair Media Management
Stephen Brand Mair Media Management
We are very satisfied with the partnership. Trafficking Solutions has a huge technical know how, especially regarding rich media campaigns. We appreciate the fast and reliable service. That’s the way we expect trafficking services to be and it is a huge relief for us, not only on the financial side 
Photo Déborah NAHUM
Déborah NAHUM Le Point then Bayard
I knew Trafficking Solutions 14 years ago: I have never been disappointed. Available, professional and expert are the main qualities that define the team. That's why I have not only always appealed to them when needed but also have never hesitated to recommend them to those around me. "Thank you TS for your help and support. Thanks to you, I myself have evolved and learned a lot. "
I have been working with TS for 18 years and have never been disappointed. The team of TS is of a reliability and a professionalism never questioned. Our traffic manager, although external, is an integral part of our management team. I can only advise TS as a trafficking technical partner!